Karramiyya’s Monotheistic Beliefs Reflection on the Stories of Qur’an, with Emphasis on the Commentary of Suor-Abadi

Fahime Golpayegani / Ph.D. in Islamic Theology and Education                                f.golpa@chmail.ir

Received: 20 September 2019 - Accepted: 20 January 2019



The story is one of the Quranic expression patterns which is very important in terms of education. The effectiveness of theological functions of Islamic denominations over the interpretation of the Quranic stories is one of the aspects of this discussion. The monotheistic beliefs of Karamiyya, one of the Islamic schools, play an important role in the interpretation of the monotheistic verses. Focusing on the monotheistic ideas of the commentary of " Suor-Abadi", one of the important commentaries of karramiyya, in the Quranic stories, this paper is proposed. Regarding the attributes of God, findings show that, it is incorrect to attribute beliefs such as incarnation, being seated, being spacio, and having organs to this sect. This school's views on God’s vision and direction impact the interpretation of the Quranic stories.

Keywords: Quranic stories, karramiyya, the commentary of Suor-Abadi, monotheistic beliefs, an indicator of faith, Narrated Attributes (al-Ṣifāt al-Khabarīyya).

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