Social Ethics - Religious or Trans-religious?

Morteza Rezaei / Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, IKI

@ Zuhair Rezazadeh / M.A. in Philosophy, IKI                                   

Received: 25 July 2019 - Accepted: 25 December 2019



One of the most challenging topics in the discussion of religion and ethics is social ethics; because providing the same ethical guidelines for individuals with their own diversity may lead to discrimination or imposition of majority values upon minority. The purpose of this research study is to explain the characteristics of religious ethics that their observance in Muslim societies takes precedence over the principles of trans-religious ethics. Given the tremendous impact of religious beliefs over the ethical elements, religious social ethics precedes trans-religious ethics that relies solely on the common nature of humans. Due to the revealed nature of religious social ethics, it has authority over the trans-religious ethics that finds itself needless of revealed sources.

Keywords: ethics, social ethics, religious ethics, trans-religious ethics, religious social ethics.


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