Ontological Explanation of Man's Need for Religion from the Perspective of Exalted Theosophy with Emphasis on the View of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

@ Mohsen Izadi / Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Education, Qom University m.izadi@qom.ac.ir

Bagher Ebrahimi / PhD student in Theoretical Foundations of Qom University ebrahimia1207@gmail.com

Received: 2020 February 11 - Accepted: 2020 June 24



Many religious people have tendency for religion and religiosity, though by divine nature, but they have no sound logical reason for this being religious. A which has no reasonable grounds, will not have effect on life as it ought to be and cannot manage individual and social human relationships. Using a descriptive analytical method, this study tries to analytical in depth the reasons for man’s need for religion and religiosity by referring to the principles of exalted theosophy and emphasizing on the view of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli. To this end, the article first, gives a precise definition of man and then, man's fundamental need for religion by reflecting and focusing on human humanity and transition from other superstructure needs; a perspective that has been given less attention in similar research works. Man's need for religion is rooted in his own existence and the true sublimity and perfection of this being will not be attained except through practicing religion.

Key words: man, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, religion, exalted theosophy, ontology.




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