A Research Study of the Evolutionary Explanation of Modern Atheism

@ Ruhollah Rahimi Kafrani / Master of Theology Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute


Yousef Daneshvar / Assistant Professor, Department of Theology, Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute   yousef.daneshvar@gmail.com

Received: 2020 March 15 - Accepted: 2020 September 10



The theory of evolution has provided good fielded for atheistic ideas by Charles Robert Darwin and many infidels have used it to defend atheism with scientific support. One of the anti-religious uses of this theory has been the negation of religious anthropology by using to human evolutionary explanations and its characteristics. One of the characteristics of man for which a complete and atheistic explanation has been provided is religiosity. For example, we will examine one of the newest and most powerful evolutionary and atheistic explanations of religion, which belongs to the most prominent figure of modern atheism, Rich Clinton Dawkins. And we will determine that this explanation does not have sufficient strength and scientific dignity and cannot challenge the religious view of religion. This examination, if true of the newest and strongest of these explanations, is also true of other explanations.

Key words: modern atheism, religion, Richard Dawkins, evolution, experimental science, naturalism, methodology, memetic.



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