Camel Rider or Camel Riders, a Linguistic Study to Prove the Glad Tidings in the Torah about the Prophet of Islam Referred to as Rakib Al-Ba'ir

Mohammad Ali Hemmati / Assistant Professor, Holy Quran University, Faculty of Comparative Quranic Studies, Shiraz, Iran                                                                                                     

Received: 2020 April 11 - Accepted: 2020 September 10



One of the glad tidings in the Torah about the Prophet of Islam and Jesus Christ, which are related from Imam Reza, such expressions like “donkey rider” and “camel rider” are metaphorically used in the Old Testament. Most English and Persian translators have translated donkey rider which is a metaphor for Jesus and “donkey riders”, and the “camel rider” which refers as Prophet of Islam as “camel riders”, and this their translation do not correspond to Jesus and the Prophet. Making use of historical linguistics, this study seeks to investigate the causes behind the incorrect translations through study of the Hebrew version of the Torah. The study findings show that “donkey rider” and “rider of al-ba'ir” refer to Jesus Christ and Muhammad and Imam Reza's words are correct and accurate. The study results indicate that the initial mistake was first made by those who undertook the task of the punctuation of the text layout of the Torah. Besides the Jewish-Christian theological prejudices after the Prophet mission of Islam made it and established it between Jews and Christians.

Key words: glad tidings, horse riders, donkey riders, camel riders, Isaiah.


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