A conflicting View about Ta’abud Obedience to Divine Injunctions under the Pretext of Backing Rationality

Mohammad Sadegh Badakhsh / PhD in Philosophy of Religion Farabi Campus sadeghbad61@yahoo.com

Received: 2020 February 20 - Accepted: 2020 June 24



The relationship between ta’abud (obedience to divine injunctions) and rationality has been a challenging and influential subject in many epitomical and axiological areas of knowledge and it has been the special concern of many thinkers. Professor Mostafa Malekian an expert in this subject, considers obedience as the essence of traditional religiosity and regard it- in his speech and writings- as contrary to modern rationality, because, to Him, modern rationality requires that a proposition, be measured by an internal scale, in order to be accepted, any but then, he says: If it is proved that the person being obedience to all his words or those words that are related to the issue; never make mistakes, obedience is compatible with rationality. His division of knowledge into two categories, "knowledge through reason" and "knowledge through testimony", is also in conflict with the first part of his speech about the irrationality of obedience. In other cases, he states that not all the truths of the universe are in the realm of understanding the intellect and the internal scale of measurement.

Key words: ta’abud obedience to divine injunctions, rationality, religion, Malekian, renewal.



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