Iqbal Lahori and the Way of Permitting Religion and Religious Beliefs in the New Testament

Hassan Ali Salmanian / Assistant Professor, Golestan University, Department of Education


Received: 2020 April 16 - Accepted: 2020 September 09



Iqbal Lahori is one of the thinkers of the contemporary period and one of the pioneers who, considering the requirements of the new era, considered the traditional ways of defending religion to be insufficient, but also harmful. He tried to make the necessity and correctness of the teachings of religion in a new, permit and acceptable way. This study, which is formulated in a descriptive-critical way, first explains Iqbal's critiques of Islamic philosophy, theology and mysticism, and then criticizes it after expressing Iqbal's plan. In Iqbal's innovative design, in order to defend religion, the experimental sciences must first be used. He used "religious experience" and then turned his attention to the social issues of religion. The findings of study show that Iqbal's attention to empirical knowledge and the need to use it in words is acceptable and necessary; But what he says about abandoning traditional philosophy and theology is not true.

Key words: Iqbal Lahore, religion, theology, philosophy, mysticism, experience, religious experience.


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