Exposition of the Noetic Quality of the Goodness of Justice on the basis of the Concept and Position of Justice in the Value System

@ Qasem Torkhan / Assistant Professor and Faculty Member of the Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought


Mohammad Taghi Nazarian Mofid / PhD Student in Islamic Economics, Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought         nazarianmofid@yahoo.com

Received: 2020 March 11 - Accepted: 2020 September 06



One of the important questions related to the field of theology and epistemological discussions in the subject of justice is how to recognize the goodness of justice? This study seeks to answer this question, using a library based method in collecting the information and a descriptive-analytical method in the information processing. The research findings can be summarized as follows: first, the perception of the goodness of justice and ugliness of oppression is a self- evident truth; second, showing one’s opinion on its self-evident depends on a correct understanding of the concept of justice as well as in the geometric design of the value system. With this explanation which correctly defines the concept of justice "as a proper and desirable state" and the position of justice as a system of desirable way of pulling values together (not together with to justice), its goodness will be self- evidence without the need for any evidence to confirm it.

Key words: goodness and ugliness, the good of self-evidence justice, the system of moral values.


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