A Comparative Study of the Way of Tafsir Al-Mizan and Tafsir Al-Manar Deal with the Question of the Conflict between Science and Religion

@ Mohsen Azadi / Master of Philosophy of Religion, Baqerul Uloom University


Hassan Abdi / Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Baqerul Uloom University


Received: 2020/04/16 - Accepted: 2020/08/24



Different approaches have been adopted to the question of the conflict between science and religion. for example, positivists and linguistic analysts have consider focusing the paying attention on the issue of language as the appropriate way to settle this issue. Al-Manar and Al-Mizan reject the positivist approach altogether. Besides, although there exists the flaw of the proposing the solution of language analysts in some of expressions in "Al-Manar" and "Al-Mizan", they cannot be considered to be in favors of this approach. The expressions in "Al-Manar" and "Al-Mizan" do not accord with scientific instrumentalism and they should be considered as scientific realists. Al-Manar's encounter with the interpretation solution is also different from Al-Mizan. Rashid Reza does not consider this solution to be suited for showing the relationship between science and religion; but to the contrarry, Allameh Tabatabai generally uses this approach methodically.

Keywords: science, religion, positivism, philosophy of linguistic analysis, instrumentalism, realism, interpretation, Al-Manar, Al-Mizan, Allameh Tabatabai.




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