A Critical Analysis of the Relationship between Reason and Religion from the Perspective of Mirza Mahdi Isfahani

@ Mohammad Samadpour Azarsharbiani / PhD Student in Ma'aref Teaching, (Islamic Revolution) Baqir al-Olum University         sharabiani@gmail.com

Mohammad Jafari / Associate Professor, Department of Theology, IKI          mjafari125@yahoo.com

Robabeh Aroyi / Level Three, Philosophy and Theology, the Sisters Seminary (Masoumiyah Sisters School)

Received: 2020 September 12 - Accepted: 2021 February 16                          rbbh_a@yahoo.com


One of the most controversial philosophical and theological issue is the relationship between reason and religion that has a long history. The importance of this issue has made it one of the most important topics in the philosophy of contemporary religion. The question is whether revelation is sufficient to know religion or is it necessary to apply reason? Some thinkers believe that recognizing and accepting religion and faith is impossible without reason, but others see rationalism as endangering religion and faith, which can lead to eclecticism in religion. This paper studies the perspective of Mirza Mahdi Isfahani in this regard, which belongs to the latter category. Although he has presented logical arguments to prove God, he believes that it is impossible to know the existence and attributes of God with the intellect and the dark (material) human sciences. Hence, this makes man in need of unseen guidance and the existence of a revelatory religion. This idea has "circularity in argument or proof" problem because proving the authenticity and infallibility of the words of God, the Prophet and the Imam requires intellect.

Keywords: reason, religion, religious knowledge, Mirza Mahdi Isfahani, proving the existence and attributes of God, need for religion.


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