The Relationship between Faith and Love: A Critical Review of Feuerbach's View in his Book "the Essence of Christianity"

Sajad Dehganzadeh / Associate Professor, Department of Religions and Mysticism, Azerbaijan Shahid Madani University  

@ Taha Farajzadeh / M.A. Student in Religions and Mysticism, Azerbaijan Shahid Madani University

Received: 2020 September 29 - Accepted: 2021 March 13                             


The book of the essence of Christianity is one of Feuerbach's most prominent works in the field of theology. This book is important for two reasons, I) this book has been an influential source in the reflections of many materialist thinkers and critics of religion. II) in this book, Feuerbach critically analyzes the teachings of the Christian theology and, accordingly, presents his ideas about the popular religions. One of the main topics of this book is the notion of the conflict of love and faith in Christianity, the content of which is implicitly extended to all religions. Feuerbach believes that the main cause of "alienation", "violence", "divergence" and "moral vices" is the lack of the attention of the religions to love and their emphasis on religious faith. The main challenge ahead is to analyze Feuerbach's claim. The findings show that, despite its shortcomings, the book's analysis is contemplative and challenging in some cases. Of course, Feuerbach's critiques do not focus on the essence and truth of religion, but only on religious interpretations and knowledge.

Keywords: the essence of Christianity, Feuerbach, love, faith, alienation, projection.

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