The Lack of Internal Coherence in the Theory of Modern Spirituality with an Emphasis on the Relationship of Reason and Religion

@ Ali Ghorbani / PhD Student in Philosophy of Religion, IKI            

Mahdi Abdollahi / Assistant Professor, Iranian Research Institute of Philosophy

Received: 2020 April 10 - Accepted: 2020 December 26


The modern spirituality is a theory that has been proposed in recent decades by some Iranian modernist intellectuals. According to this theory, religious spirituality has lost its effectiveness for modern man and has caused him suffering and confusion. Based on the modern rationality, this theory seeks to provide a spirituality commensurate with the needs of modern man. In any case, emphasizing one of the fundamental issues of philosophy of religion (the relationship of reason and religion) and since the legitimacy of any intellectual and philosophical approach depends, at least, on having an internal coherence between the components of its theory, this paper tries to analyze the theory of modern spirituality from the point of view of internal coherence and harmony between the components. Using a descriptive-analytical and desk-research method, and presenting numerous pieces of evidence - such as refusing devotionalism, the unprovability of religious claims and etc. we conclude that, the modern spirituality has major drawbacks and ambiguities in this regard.

Keywords: reason, religion, modern rationality, modern spirituality, rationalism, maximum rationality, fideism.

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