An Analysis of the Division of Creatures into Abstract and Material According to Qur'an and Narrations

Yahya Normohamadi Najafabadi / Assistant Professor, Malayer University

 Received: 2020 May 01 - Accepted: 2020 September 06              


Dividing the creatures into abstract and material in philosophy and expressing their characteristics, some thinkers believe that in some cases there are conflicts between philosophical views and some religious texts (Quranic verses and narrations) on the characteristics of the incorporeal creatures. But is it fundamentally acceptable to divide creatures into abstract and material from the point of view of religious texts, so that it can be said that there is a conflict between religious texts and philosophical views in expressing their characteristics? To understand the view of religious texts about this division, it seems that we can examine three cases of verses and narrations, I) The cases in which the creation of the first creature of God Almighty has been discussed, II) The cases in which the existence and attributes of angels have been discussed, III) The cases that deal with the divisions of the universe and the types of creatures. It seems that the division of creatures into abstract and material can be obtained from the Quranic verses and narrations.

Keywords: creatures, abstract, material, Quranic verses, narrations.

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