The Doctrine of the Multiplicity of Human Souls According to the Narrations

@ Mohammad Rouhani / M.A. in Imamiyya Theology, Tehran University, Farabi Campus

Mahdi Zakeri / Associate Professor of Philosophy, Tehran University, Farabi Campus

Received: 2020 September 12 - Accepted: 2021 February 24


The existence of several souls for human beings is one of the issues raised in the legacy of Imamiyya narration, which is related to some theological issues. The sum of the narrations related to this subject contains details that each narration is enough to express some of them. This paper seeks to collect the narrations related to this subject completely and draw a comprehensive picture of the issue of the multiplicity of human souls in the Imamiyya narrations and verses of the Holy Quran regardless of their validation and interpretation to provide an initial summary of this issue. The results show that all human beings have at least two spirits called the spirit of life and the old spirit. In addition to this, God inspires the spirit of faith to the believers, inspires the Holy Spirit to the prophets, inspires the Holy Spirit, the spirit by the command of the Lord and the spirit of faith to the Prophet of Islam and his successors (PBUT).

Keywords: multiplicity of souls, spirit, old spirit, spirit of life, spirit of faith, Holy Spirit, Islamic anthropology.


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