Philosophical Analysis of the Compatibility of Fulfilling Prayers under the Dome of Imam Husain (PBUH) based on the System of Causality with an Emphasis on Allame Tabatabai's View

@ Shohreh Pirooz / M.A., Qom University                                                    

Mahdieh Sadat Mostaghimi/ PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty member of the Department of Philosophy and Theology, Qom University

Received: 2020 October 06 - Accepted: 2021 March 18


The promise of "fulfilling prayers under the dome", which is mentioned in some religious texts is one of the common beliefs of Imamiyya theology, which can be analyzed from the viewpoint of Allame Tabataba'i. According to Allame, the compatibility of "the fulfillment of prayer under the dome" with the system of causality can be considered as an alternative way for removing obstacles and preparing the conditions for the fulfillment of prayers. This compatibility can also be explained by expressing the Supreme Providence of Imam Husain (PBUH) and the spiritual closeness of the dome of his holiness to the Divine Treasures and its alignment with the Throne; the place of God's planning and kingdom. Allame's views show that, the intrinsic dignity of this place before the Ashura and its accidental honor, which is the result of divine manifestations on the hearts of martyrs and its closeness to the blessed body of Imam Husain (PBUH) and the descent of angels upon that place can strengthen the level of prayer and provide the ground for its fulfillment. The method of this article is descriptive-analytical and inferential desk-research.

Keywords: fulfilling the prayers, under the dome of Imam Husain (PBUH), explanation, causal system, honor of a place.


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