An Analysis of the Idea of Vision of God based on Wahhabi School of Thought

Mohammad Husain Faryab / Associate Professor, IKI                             

Received: 2020 October 13 - Accepted: 2021 February 20


The school of Wahhabism is one of the emerging schools of the Islamic world, which, like other schools, has a system of thought. One of the issues that is strongly proposed in the Wahhabi intellectual system is the possibility of vision of God Almighty on the one hand, and its realization on the day of resurrection for the believers on the other hand. In this matter, Wahhabis have relied on narrated evidences, which this paper examine them. The conclusive rational arguments show that the Wahhabi theory is invalid. Although their arguments sometimes have the ability to prove their claims in terms of semantics, but considering the problem of the effect of certain assumptions on the understanding of religious texts, there is no choice but to interpret those texts.

Keywords: vision of God, Wahhabis, Ibn Taymiyyah, assimilating, physicalism.


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