The Logic Behind the Influence of Theological Beliefs on the Historiography

Javad Soleimani Amiri / Associate Professor of History, IKI                      

Received: 2020 October 31 - Accepted: 2021 March 15


The relationship between theology and history, especially the role of theology in the study of the biography of the infallibles, is an important discussion in historiography. Using a rational-analytical method this paper studies the multidimensionality of historical phenomena, the presence of a series of unseen causes in historical developments and the need to pay attention to the axioms and the theoretical framework in science as evidence for the role of theology in historiography. In the next step, the necessity of systematic influence of theology on historiography was proved, the criterion of the influence of theology on history was explained and the preference of epistemological value was introduced as a criterion for the influence of theological propositions on historical propositions. Accordingly, the verbal propositions will be preferred to historical propositions, if the theological proposition is certain, but the historical proposition is uncertain; or the verbal proposition is suspicious but the historical proposition is probable (it means there is a 50% or less 50% chance of being true); or both are suspicious or probable, but the verbal proposition is more likely to be true than the historical proposition.

Keywords: theology, history, the relationship between theology and history, the method of historiography, philosophy of history.



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