An Analysis and Review of Ibn Abi al-Hadid Mu'tazili's Criticisms of "Al-Shafi" by Seyed al-Murtada

Ismail Esbati / Assistant Professor, Allame Tabatabai University
Received: 2020 October 01 - Accepted: 2021 February 17
Ghazi Abdul Jabbar Mu'tazili (415 AH) has criticized the views of the Imamiyya on the issue of Imamate in his book Al-Mughni, volume 20, chapter monotheism and justice. In response to this book, Seyed Murtada (436 AH) wrote al-Shafi fi al- Imamate. In his book, commentary of Nahj al-Balagha, Ibn Abi al-Hadid al-Mu'tazili (656 AH) has criticized some of the views of Seyed Murtada. These scattered reports, which are in fact a critique of al-Shafi'i fi al-Imamate, are the only remnants of the Mu'tazilites' criticisms and show how they approached and criticized this book. This study tries to collect, analyze and review the criticisms of Ibn Abi al-Hadid. He defends the main beliefs of the Mu'tazilites on the issue of Imamate and the legitimacy of the three caliphs and has criticized some of the principles and theology of Seyed Murtada. Ibn Abi al-Hadid in many cases considers the argument of Seyed Murtada stronger and sometimes he himself presents arguments in criticizing the words of the Abdul Jabbar Mu’tazili. As far as his beliefs allow, Ibn Abi al-Hadid has been fair in his criticisms, and his words are largely free of insults, humiliation and slander.
Keywords: Ibn Abi al-Hadid, the Commentary of Nahj al-Balagha, al-Shafi, Seyed al-Murtada, al-Mughni, Ghazi Abdul Jabbar, Mu'tazilites' criticisms of the issue of Imamate.

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