In recent years, the specialized journals have increased in number in various fields of the humanities in Iran that is the beginning of a software movement and a good news for making new theories on science by the Iranian thinkers and researchers. Unfortunately, there are still undiscovered territories of sciences, such as theology. To meet this goal, the research deputy of IKI has published a scientific-research journal entitled “Ma'rifat-e Kalami” (Theological Knowledge). 


1.    Developing and disseminating religious knowledge on theology including history of theology, transformation of the knowledge of theology, interfaith and interreligious theology, theological doubts and Islamization of the knowledge of theology;
2.    Protecting religious principles including the old theology, the new theology, and the philosophy of religion; 
3.    Providing a peaceful environment for the scholars of both seminary and university in various fields of theology;
4.    Strengthening the scientific relationship between the seminary and the university;
5.    Introducing and analyzing the works, opinions and scientific theories and theological researches;
6.    Responding to theological doubts.