A Guide for Authors and Acceptance Process

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a. The Evaluation Process

All submitted manuscripts will be checked by a professional in-house managing editor to determine whether they are properly prepared and whether they follow the ethical policies of the journal. After these checks, the managing editor will consult the journals’ editor-in-chief or associate editors to determine whether the manuscript fits the scope of the journal and whether it is scientifically sound. 
Timeframe: The initial screening is done within 15 days and then the paper will be send to the expert reviewers after initial verification of chief editor. The review process takes 4-6 months. Of course, re-evaluation and re-correction will be added at this time.
Plagiarism: Samim Noor software is used to prevent plagiarism.
Reviewing and Publishing Costs: According to the decision of IKI Board, 300,000 Rials will be received from the author for reviewing each article and 1,700,000 Rials for the editing process. (It should be noted that if the article is rejected by a reviewer, chief editor, or editorial board, the sums will not be refundable to the author.)

b.  A Guide for Authors


1. Articles should be written with research-analytical method, logical structure, content consistency, documented and reasonable and fluent.
2. The articles should not be consecutive and the size should be adjusted accordingly (minimum 4000 and maximum 8000 words). 
3. Articles should not be published as part of a book or article.
4. Translated article will be evaluated in case of criticism.

b. Structure

1. Abstract: (minimum 150 and maximum 180 words) including: the issue, research purpose, research method and overview of important findings. 
2. Keywords: Contains maximum 7 keywords.
3. Introduction: The introduction should include the definition, research history, the necessity and importance of the project, the innovation aspect, the main and secondary questions.
4. In organizing the main body of the article, one of the following conditions is required: a) providing a new scientific theory and finding; b) providing a new explanation of a theory; c) providing a new argument for a theory; d) providing a comprehensive scientific criticism of a theory.
5. Conclusion: It is a detailed finding of the research that is presented as concise statements. 
6. References: (including Persian, Arabic, and Latin) should be adjusted as follows:

ـ Last name and name of author, publication year, book name, translation or research, printing time, place of publication, publisher.

ـ Last name and name of author, publication year, article title, journal name, journal number, beginning and end pages.

7. References should be Intertextual (last name, publication year, volume, page).